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Bmore on Rails is a community of Baltimore folks who use the Ruby programming language and the Ruby on Rails framework.

Tom von Schwerdtner
Scott Steele
Ali Ibrahim
Dan Martens
Alice Kallaugher
Salvador Hernandez
Matt Scilipoti
Chris Strom
Jonathan Julian
Nicholas A. Evans
Olivia Brundage
Paul Barry
Eric Oestrich
Doug Price
Avdi Grimm

B'more on Rails members regularly hang out in Slack, enter your email below to get an invite and come say "hi"!

Tuesday, December 13 @ 07:00PM

OrderUp HQ • 2400 Boston St, Suite 201

Join us for another round of Ruby, Rails, and more! On the agenda this month: • Ruby for Everyday Tasks   Andrei Koenig (@andreikoenig)    In this 'advanced beginner' talk, Andrei Koenig will   show you how Ruby can be used to simplify our   everyday lives: from sending reminders to saving   m...

Tuesday, December 27 @ 07:00PM

OrderUp HQ • 2400 Boston St, Suite 201

Come prepared with an idea or two for some open source code that you'd like to hack on, be it a brand new gem, a new feature in an old gem, or just some bug fixing. Bring your laptop and be prepared to hack or help someone else out with their idea. We'll break into pairs, or larger groups, or ...

Tuesday, January 03 @ 07:00PM

The Wharf Rat • 801 S Ann St

Come join the B'more on Rails crew for an evening of revelry and merriment. All are welcome at The Wharf Rat in Fells Point. This is an opportunity to meet the local Ruby community in a relaxed, social environment.

Meetings @ OrderUp HQ
2400 Boston St. #201
Baltimore, MD 21224

Hack Nights @ OrderUp HQ
2400 Boston St. #201
Baltimore, MD 21224

Pub Nights @ Rye
807 S. Broadway
Baltimore, MD 21231